Every project starts with a conversation.


We listen carefully, taking preliminary notes and photos, making suggestions, assessing the structure in question, establishing a sense of the clients needs and tastes and creating a rough dimensional sketch. The one constant we hear from clients is that they know what is not working with regards to their space and they have a sense of what they need but can’t quite visualize how it might all come together. Architectural services and the associated cost can often  be minimized  in small scale construction. We have developed a process that will provide a preliminary, clear conceptual representation of a proposed project often at no cost to the potential client and is included in the initial proposal. We invite you to click on our “design” tab to see  how we move through the 3 steps to a successful design . Once we have established the basic design parameters we will continue the design process as required to clarify construction and aesthetic details as well as fulfill permit requirements. We invite and encourage client participation as drawings are adapted and once completed our goal is to have a precise, accurately scaled, visual representation of the project at a substantial savings.



The time sensitive partnership


Once a preliminary budget and initial drawings based on a scope of work have been reviewed and approved it’s time to draw up the contract. We like to think of a contract as a time sensitive partnership. Towards that end we are committed to creating a document that is easily understood, adaptable, fair to both parties, and above all,totally transparent. Prior to breaking ground you will have an agreement in hand that explains:

1) The cost and scope of work

2) A commencement and completion date  

3) The financial agreement for the project and our current labor rate

4) Method of tracking and charging for both  subcontractors and materials

5) Drawings required for permitting and construction

Once the contract has been  reviewed, understood and signed it’s time to break ground.



Where method meets expectations


The Construction phase will determine the projects  level of success. It reveals the quality and style of the contractor and defines the customer expectations. We are committed to making this process as stress free and streamlined as possible. Prior to commencement we will provide a detailed schedule defining the course of the project.  Using the submitted schedule as a guideline we will meet regularly with the client to update  schedule and budgets. We believe that the foundation of a successful project is rooted in respect and consideration for the clients time, needs, and space. Each job has its unique challenges but the basic underlying requirement for every project is consideration.



We expect our coworkers to be tidy, organized, affable, and productive throughout the course of the day. All team members are required to be courteous and sensitive to the clients requests and answer any question specific to their task or trade. We make it a point for one of the partners to visit each jobsite every day coordinating deliveries, scheduling contractors, and often working side by side with the onsite personnel to complete time sensitive tasks. We enforce a strict no smoking policy, radios are either off or set to a non intrusive level. All our onsite staff have been subjected to a background checks and have a proven track record with our company.


Site management

Interface between the jobsite and the clients personal space is often  the most sensitive source of potential conflict in a given project. Renovation work by its nature requires that the builder and tradespeople restructure, adapt, remove, and replace elements in spaces inhabited by families with complex needs and schedules that run counter to the nature of home renovation. We work hard to keep  each job organized in such a way as to ensure that the existing living space is isolated, protected, clean, and secure and all existing finishes are protected from damage and debris. The grounds affected by construction are protected when possible and cleaned carefully at the completion of each work day. Materials are organized and covered. Refuse is separated, recycled, and disposed of appropriately.

We believe a well organized jobsite is a safe and productive jobsite .



Everyone’s objective

While completion would seem to be self explanatory we have found that  it lands at the top of the list when we ask clients about their frustrations with previous projects they have been involved in. We strive to achieve, and expect to be held accountable for,  total completion. Punch lists completed, permits closed out, debris removed and jobsite ready to be occupied and enjoyed. Our projects come with a one year guarantee from date of completion that protects the client from flaws in workmanship and ensures that everything looks as good and work as expected well after we depart.