We first met Tim , when he began a project at our house,. My husband and I took unusual pleasure in watching Tim work and in getting to know him over regular lunches together.

1. Tim speaks well, expresses his thoughts with clear, vivid language. His manner is friendly and relaxed, inviting dialog, making it pleasant and easy to work with him.
2. He listens well, asks clarifying questions, and retains the specifics of a conversation.  I have never needed to repeat or remind him of obligations or requests.
3. He gives good advice, drawn from a deep reservoir of professional (and life) experience. He proposes innovative approaches to problems, approaches that would not have occurred to me.
4. He is dependable, does what he has said he would do, follows through on commitments.
5. He takes pride in beautiful work, pride beyond the scope of the carpenters we have known. No detail escapes his notice. I have the sense that Tim sets his own standards for good work–and those standards are higher than any boss or homeowner would set.
6. He seems to care about my bottom line, seeking less expensive solutions to problems. On at least three specific occasions, he proposed and carried out solutions that saved us considerable money.
7. He works very hard, and seems to me to accomplish tasks quite efficiently, quickly.
8 He is a team player, collaborative, kind, and friendly with all–co-workers, tradespeople, and me.
9. Tim is an honest, honorable man whom I trust implicitly. Over the course time that he guided our project, my husband and I repeatedly exclaimed over our good fortune. He is the very best contractor we have known in the thirty-five years we have been working on our house.

Susan Wilmer
365 Duclos Road
Lincoln, VT 05443